Recording Artist Advocate: Eat frogs and say no.

There are many things people do to make them more successful, but let’s focus on just two.

The first is called “eat frogs”. That means you do the hardest things first. Whatever you have on your list, do the one you like the least - first.

After accomplishing that, everything else will be easy. At least you got through that.

The second is just as important. That’s being willing to say no.

I’ve seen so many artists worn out because they couldn’t say that something was just not a good fit.

You have to know who you are in this business. Plant your flag and attract an audience.

Part of that is knowing what you’re not.

If you take every offer and change with every new thing that comes along, you’ll never stand apart. You’ll just be part of every passing fad.

It’s the same advice your grandfather would give you: Know who you are and do the hardest work first. Believe me, people are paying attention.