Recording Artist advocate: When theres nothing to do...

The winter storms kept clients from being able to come record today. I took the 4 wheel drive truck out and saw plenty of cars and even other trucks in the ditches. Even the big stores were pretty empty. I bought some new video monitors for the studio and got back as quick as I could. 

It’s a funny feeling when you are planning on working, but there’s nothing to do.

I set up the new monitors, moved some things around in the studio… even worked on equipment. Even though I was “working in the studio” nothing compares to actually working in the studio recording bands.

If you play music you know exactly what I mean. Getting a new instrument is exciting, but playing it is even better, and playing for people is even better than that. When you have down time there is nothing better than working out a part or lyric that’s been bouncing around in your head. It’s part of who and what you are.

You're a musician.

There are people that just play music, and there are people who have it in their blood.

If you are a musician, I’d like to introduce myself to you.

I’m Robert Snyder and I’m a recordist. That means I love recording and mixing music as much as you love writing, playing and performing music. 

We should get together.