Recording Artist Advocate: Good gear matters

A friend with a music store told me we are in the middle of a guitar renaissance. He said the quality is better than it’s been in years and even medium priced guitars are being made very well.

But, when I asked him if the high end guitars sound better, he said, “Oh yea, far and away better.”

I’ve recorded a lot of acoustic guitars. Even with great American made tube and ribbon mics, you can only do so much. When a super high end guitar comes through there is definitely an improvement in sound.

It applies to all instruments. The starter drum set can only sound so good no matter what heads you put on it. A great set will cost more and sound so much better.

Cymbals may be the best example of price to quality. Cheap cymbals almost always sound like trash can lids. The expensive ones are that way for a reason. When the hair on the back of your neck stands up or you get goose bumps you know you’ve got the right ones. Drummers, you know what I’m talking about.

Get the best gear you can afford and play it till it’s a part of you. Guitar legend Bugs Henderson told me, “It’s in your fingers man.” and he was right. You bring out the best your instrument is capable of. So if you want to sound the best you can, you need the best quality instrument you can afford.