Recording Artist Advocate: Professionalism.

Last weekend a band I recorded was setting up for a show when the club manager told them another band scheduled to do a festival show in the same town broke down on the road. He asked if they would be willing to do the other show immediately after. This meant a huge amount of work tearing down after the show and resetting for the other one along with the extra time performing. Of course they jumped at the opportunity. (…it doubled the money they made.) Late that night they were totally exhausted when a guy who does an internet radio show asked for an interview. They did the interview and found out that the club manager had been telling everyone how professional they were and how they got him out of a jam. Just being willing to do the extra work may have a long lasting positive effect on their careers.

Think about most bands you know. Are they good about showing up on time? How’s their attitude? Do they interact well with the fans and work the merch table? The bookers are paying attention. People who book bands want to bet on a sure thing. A booking agent once told me that there is no lack of talent, its finding bands that also act professionally. She said when she finds those bands she’ll book them every time.

It’s always been true that to make it, you have to set yourself apart. Be the band that the bookers know they can depend on and you’ll never want for work.