Recording Artist Advocate: 4 kinds of people

I can’t take credit for this. I heard it at a writer’s conference.

You will meet 4 kinds of people in your life. Drifters, Surfers, Drowners, and Navigators.

Drifters just go along with whatever everyone else does. They don’t tend to be very loyal, but if they think you are popular they will follow you. Watch them at your merch table. They buy the shirts they see others buying.

Surfers are always looking for the next big wave. They are really just glorified drifters. They will still buy merch and come to your shows. But don’t be surprised when they jump to the next up and coming band.

Drowners always need rescuing. Help them once and they will expect you to bail them out forever. They live for drama and will try to wrap you up in theirs. They are great for song material, but observe them from a distance. If you’ve lived long you know several.

Navigators are the ones you want to work with. They know where they are going and will keep working to get there. They lock onto their “star” or guiding principal and steer towards it. For them setbacks are temporary. They are relentless. Look for a manager or booking agent who is a navigator.

One warning : Be sure you want to go to the same place. I hear lots of stories from bands who struggled with a producer or engineer because they didn’t have the same vision. You need a navigator willing to follow your star. (...or one very close to yours.)

If they don't, get out of there quick and come see me.