Recording Artist Advocate: Rock and Roll Work Ethic

I watched a bunch of “Guitars and Gear” shows online from Sweetwater. Several stood out in that the artists talked about the same things I talk about here.

Work ethic was first. It can’t be stated enough that you have to make life easy for the people who book you. Show up on time and put on a great show. Work the merch table. Do publicity even when it means getting up early and answering the same stupid questions. Remember that the audience likes the person interviewing you, so don’t be rude or get upset. Treat the interviewer as a friend and the audience feels the same way about you. The interviewer wants to be seen as an insider and you want to connect with their audience. Do it right and it’s win/win.   

Second thing that stood out was how much work the most successful bands put into social networking. Every picture needs a caption. Video needs to be short and interesting. It all adds up to a feeling of intimacy. The viewer remembers the experience as if they were there with you. If they already feel a connection to you, it’s easier to get them out to shows. Look in the camera. Lower your voice like your letting them in on a secret. Connect. The deeper you connect with them, the more likely you can turn them into fans. Fans will influence more people than you could ever reach.

What can you do or say that people will share with their friends?

With every interview and every posting it gets easier. It's like working out. But instead of muscles, your fan base gets bigger.