Recording Artist Advocate: Use video to sell music...

You need to be using YouTube to promote your band… but probably not like you think.  

I need to take a step back to explain.

Advice for your career can come from anywhere. Business advice will apply to your career, but it may apply to relationships or anything else in your life.  So:

I was reading the Monday Morning Memo from Wizard Academy,  and Roy Williams said that businesses that have a lot of YouTube videos are able to answer their customer’s questions and solidify a buying decision even before the person contacts the business. We know it’s true because we all do it. You search for information on the internet before you do anything else. We don’t want to be “sold” anything. We are just looking for information.

So how does this apply to you or your band? Think about the questions people ask you when they get you on the phone. Could you do a very quick YouTube video to answer that question?

Then do it and put it up. Make sure there is a way to contact you during the video, and put up more videos as the ideas keep coming to you.

It’s not the only thing you need to do, but it is one thing you must do.

Excuse me. I have to take the same advice and get busy making some YouTube videos for Rough Wood Recording Studio.