Recording Artist Advocate: Your Publicist...

Has this ever happened to you?  You get interviewed and then read the blog or article and they get it completely wrong.  It's as if the writer was at a completely different show. 

There’s a way to fix that:  Write your own articles and press releases.    

Don’t trust a stranger with your image and risk them getting it wrong.

That’s why smart people hire agents. If you can’t afford an agent, don’t worry; you can be your own.

There was a time when reporters or bloggers wanted to create their own content, but with the constant demand on them for good content they appreciate the help. As long as you follow some basic journalistic guidelines, you‘re likely see your release printed exactly the way you wrote it.

Search out the reporters and bloggers. It’s easy since their bylines almost always have a contact number or e-mail address.

You already craft songs. How much easier is it to write up a short story about the night, the crowd, and the energy… all the things that made the show great! The more you do it the better you’ll get. Read the stories and blogs to get a feel for style, and send out your own releases.  Always include links to stories about your band on your website.

While you’re at it, describe how the other bands did. Make the reader wish they’d been there too. Reporters and bloggers need content. They want to stand apart from all the rest. Get good at this and they’ll look forward to the stories you send in.     

You put so much into your music and stage presence. Don’t leave it up to a stranger to tell your story? Do it right. Do it well. And you control your image.