Recording Artist Advocate: Don’t do what I do.

My recording studio tends to be different every time you see it. Each band has different needs. Pretty much anything that’s not attached to the walls or floor gets moved around to accommodate each band.

In the same way, the configuration of my studio equipment changes a lot. Some producers EQ first, some compress first. If you don’t take good notes, you’ll never know how things were when a particular band recorded.

There was a restaurant we went to when I was growing up. I remember really liking it the first time we went there. But the second time it was a different place. Each time we ate there it was a different restaurant. They quickly went out of business because their customers never knew what to expect when they walked in the door.

I can make a good excuse for configuring Rough Wood Recording Studio to fit the needs of each band or client, but in the band business, like the restaurant business, that won’t work.

Your customers, I mean fans, need to know what they’re in for when they see your show or purchase your music.

Your fans define themselves by the clothes they wear, the car they drive, and the music they listen to. Your band is part of that self-identity. You can mature with your audience, but you can’t go off and leave them.  So you better figure out who you are and plant your flag. The people who see something of themselves in you will gravitate to you.

Have you ever liked a band or artist and then they just changed so much you had to drop them?

If they found a new, bigger audience then good for them, but it usually doesn’t work that way.