Recording Artist Advocate: The Journey Continues...

Some time ago we started working with an acoustician to make the control room here at Rough Wood Recording Studio better. It's always been good, and I've been able to improve it incrementally, but there has always been a bump here and there in the very low frequencies. Just one of those things that bugs me, but I've been able to work around it. 

Acoustic Fields showed me a way to work on the low end and still have room left in the studio. Some low frequency sound absorbers are several feet thick. I'm building some very heavy low frequency sound absorbers that are surprisingly thinner. So far there are 4 placed in the room and I have to say it's already made a big difference. Eventually there will be at least 10 of these diaphragmatic absorbers in here. Maybe more. We can't wait to hear it finished. (...if you can ever be finished.) 

Any room you play in will reflect sound back unique to that space. You've probably noticed it from venue to venue. Some rooms are a pleasure to play in and some just aren't. A good sound person will make the most of anywhere you play. They are definitely worth their pay.

Here's hoping you find good places to play and your shows sound great.

When you want to sound your best, recorded, come hear yourself at Rough Wood Studio.