Recording Artist Advocate: Brain, What is brain?

That’s a line from an old Star Trek. You may remember the episode where Spock’s brain is stolen and used to keep a society’s infrastructure working. I think it replaced a broken AC unit or something like that. (Those control boards are expensive and the repair guy was light years away. And it was the weekend.)

Anyway, they rescue his brain and put it back in his body with the help of a teaching machine that could make anyone a genius… at least for a little while.

The people in that society had become docile and simple minded after generations of having everything done for them. One of the most simple minded learns the complicated brain surgery and does all the work while “Bones” watches with his usual weird/amazed/horrified look. As soon as she finishes up she forgets how to do it and goes back to her regular life.

There is some social commentary there for us today, and it’s really amazing that the writers thought about that so many years ago, but that’s not what I meant to talk about.

We have access to that “Knowledge Machine” right now. Really, there is no longer an excuse to say, “I don’t know” about anything.

Ask the Google about anything and its right there; the answer and several conflicting opinions in less than a second.  

Last night I needed to create a click track that would change several times during a song. I couldn’t remember how to do that in ProTools. But in a few minutes I had it done after watching a YouTube video from Graham at The Recording Revolution.

Someone, somewhere, has made a video or written an article about anything you want to know.

What do you want to learn? How are other bands promoting themselves? TuneCore has hours of videos with fantastic advice from industry leaders. I really can’t believe how much they give away – for free.

There was a time when knowledge was guarded and doled out a little at a time. Not anymore.

If you want to know, it’s there for you.