Recording Artist Advocate: Artistry and Craftmanship...

These are my opinions. Yours may differ.

I know artist who are not great craftsmen. They write great songs but don’t play well – or need help moving things around to make the song flow better.

I know great craftsmen who have honed their skills to near perfection, but they don’t have the creative side down.

Both are necessary and even a great artist who plays well and sequences a song well can benefit from a craftsman who helps realize their vision. I’ve been there when an artist changed the way they performed a song because a studio musician offered an improvement. Good songs have become hits because of a small changes.  

You should always be trying to improve. Part of that is a willingness to take advice. Yes you are the artist, but a craftsman may improve your project. You don’t have to do what they suggest, but at least listen.

Artist and craftsmen. Working together.

That’s the good side. An artist who pays attention to the world around them.

The bad side, or the sad side, is the artist who is so locked into their original vision that they won’t. You may know someone like this.

One word or overused phrase can turn off the audience when another would connect with them. Be willing to find those things you could improve.

The distance between success and not even being invited back may hang on a single word.