Recording Artist Advocate: Don't listen to the news...

It's so easy to record TV. But I noticed that if I accidentally watch a news show even a day later,  it's amazingly out of date.

News just doesn't have a shelf life anymore.

If you write music thats topical, it's on it's way to being stale faster than ever. 

So what can you write about? Well, just all of human experience. Love and hate and war and happiness are timeless. So is a snapshot of two people meeting for the first time, falling in love, or realizing their love is cold - or has grown deeper with time! It's all there waiting to be mined. 

White hot sparks of blinding intensity are swirling all around you. You're in the calm eye of a storm now, but the destruction (or joy) will roll over you with bulldozer weight and intensity any time now.

The people need your song to mean something next month, next year, and for years to come. 

And you need it to be recorded well. That's where I can help.