Recording Artist Advocate: Find that niche. It can still be wide...

I recently recorded a rapper. No, wait. He calls himself a Hip Hop Artist. Things cycle back around. I think that's great. 

He is a very unique artist. Really. I'm not being ironic. 

Because of his nationality, religion, and… OK, his nationality and religion - he has an amazing following in different parts of the world. He drops a track on those countries and gets a hundred thousand plays in short order. Some tracks get much more.

Even though he represents a more narrow niche, he speaks to his audience well. They have hopes and dreams too. They feel marginalized within their own countries, cultures and families. It's almost like Rock and Roll of the 50's all over again - to them. Just hearing a guy about their age expressing the same things they feel gives them hope. 

I don't think he could do what he does if he were over there. Well, not for long. 

Who are your "people"? What will give them hope? 

Write a song for em'.