Recording Artist Advocate: But is it any good?

Artists are becoming more savvy with regards to marketing themselves. I see a lot of artists and shows, and I can see that they do more themselves with responsibilities split between band members.

And the work is good. Social media and merch stand out. Equipment is better than in the past. Some even have their own lights and in-ear monitoring.

But, is the playing good? Is the band practiced and tight? Are the songs memorable and entertaining?

These days you have to do it all, and you have to do it very well. The bar is higher and you have to reach a level of success before anyone will even think about signing you.

While you’re doing everything well, you also have to make music worth listening to. Music based on your own experiences, that your audience can connect with.

The bar is high, but the rewards are fantastic too. You can live the life you want when your audience says, “That song is about me.”