Recording Artist Advocate: Good to Great...

I went to see a group I recorded. The set list was tight and one song flowed into the next. There were several times where the front man talked to the audience while he and the band discretely tuned or switched out guitars. All in all a very professional show by a band that is going places.

Start-up bands can be forgiven for on-the-fly set lists and long pauses between songs, but a professional band comes prepared and never does those things.

We’ve all seen players turn their backs on the audience, check their phones, and generally tell you they don’t care. These people need to find something else to do.

The most successful bands play the same show weather they’re playing a sold out arena or an almost empty bar. In your career you will play both. Even when you hit a level of success, some venues just don’t bring in a crowd. Those people deserve the same show as a sold out venue. So give it to em’!

This is another thing that separates the weekend pickers from the people who make it. Commit to this level of professionalism at each show and watch the repeat bookings come in.

When you see another band floundering around on stage, know that’s another booking you can get next time.