Recording Artist Advocate: Food and Rent.

Have you thought of doing corporate work? If you’re like most bands I work with you want to write great songs and preform to huge crowds. A cover now and then is okay, but you want those crowds to hear your music. But for now you may just need to do some corporate cover gigs to make ends meet. Don’t think you’re selling your soul. You are still making money with your musical abilities. And who says you have to use your band name? I know guys who came up with a cool band name they use for all their corporate work. They still do their regular gigs and they have money for rent and food. You don't have to look far for places or events that want cover bands. You may want to pick an era and focus on that music. There are even corporate cover bands with branches in major cities. See what they are doing and you'll see what works best. They don't mess around. Next week I’ll tell you some places to look for work you may not have thought of.