Recording Artist Advocate: Food and Rent 2

Last week I said you’re not selling your soul doing cover gigs. They may just be a good way to put food on the table till you build a big enough fan base to make some real money.  There are well-established artist who make their living doing other people’s music. Lots of places actually prefer cover music because they know the audience likes those songs. The bars and clubs are already getting lots of calls from bands looking for work but where else can you look for good paying gigs? Think about it this way, who else needs to entertain a big crowd? Every big organization has events and they usually book well in advance. Contact HR directors, wedding and event planners, and every college has fraternities and sororities competing to have the best events. Build a good relationship with those people. They tend to keep booking bands even when they move on to other organizations. Let them know when you get a big win like radio play or a really good booking. When your band hits they’ll be the first folks calling to get you at their events.