Recording Artist Advocate: Everybody gets a trophy. Screw that…

The only people who think participation trophies are a good idea must own trophy shops. Instead of one trophy, they get to sell them to everyone on the team. 

The kids who get trophies for doing nothing are the same employees who think they should get praised for just showing up. Or, that they should get promoted for the same reason. Have you heard someone say, “How is she getting promoted? I’ve been here longer.” You can bet they've got a shelf full of these worthless awards at home.

So we're clear, I think “everybody gets a trophy” thinking sucks.

The music business may be the best example of a field where it’s all on you. Your Mom can be in the audience, but she can’t get you gigs or make sure you are asked back. In fact, the fewer people she talks to the better. Trust me on this.

So, even if you got praised for just showing up, put that behind you. It's not how this business works. It’s not how the real world works either. You’re going to have to work harder and be better than the other bands you are competing with. It's lots of work, and luck, but mostly work.

The upside is that if you’ll do the heavy lifting you’ll set yourself apart from all those whiney, self-absorbed, cry-babies. You’ll get booked more and asked back.

Success is the real reward and only a few achieve it.