Recording Artist Advocate: Love Stinks...

Well, it can smell pretty funky. A successful working musician spends a lot of time practicing and gigging. Then you have calls to make, booking, and other business. When everyone else is playing, you’re working. You’re the soundtrack to their play. It can be extremely hard on a relationship. I’ve heard artist say they just want to get successful enough to hire people so they can have their lives back.

If you’re in a relationship, be patient and hope they are too. If you have the same goals you can get through it. If you don’t… at least be willing to make a clean break. If that doesn’t work you can always write a song about it. Bad relationships do seem to make for the best songs.

If you're not in a relationship, don't be in a hurry. Things tend to work out. There, that's some great wisdom.

So it’s Valentine’s Day. Hope you have a show tonight and you really do well.