Recording Artist Advocate: like the other one...

I’ll bet a psychiatrist could read these posts and know my mental state from week to week. I’ll bet you could look back on your song writing and do the same thing.

Artists tell me the hardest thing is not getting into a rut. Especially if your audience responds well to a certain song; you want to write more like that one. But, the best show or set list has a lot of songs that sound different. Style, emotions, tempos, and intensity.  

It used to be that albums and CD’s were listened to like a set list. Artists still sweat over what songs to put in what order. If all the songs sound the same it’s a very hard job.

Most likely you can’t be objective… OK, no one can be objective. You have to find someone who can be. As you develop relationships with industry people, be willing to listen. They hear a lot of bands and have seen a lot of artist come and go. You can learn a lot from them. Ask questions and really listen.

Within your chosen style or music genre there is room for variety. Take advantage of it and all your songs won’t sound the same.