Recording Artist Advocate: So "Political"...

Should you be political? It all depends. Do you want to be popular for a few years or for much longer? If today is all you think about than by all means be political. If you want a longer career I wouldn't push it.

Bands that made their mark being political in the Bush years are strangely quiet about Obama doing the same things. They can’t even bring themselves to complain about all the spying going on.

Now I’ve done it. I’m definitely on a list now.

But my point is that there are artist who don’t push a political agenda and they are able to appeal to their audience anyway. Also, and I hate to say this, but things change fast. As much as we want to think we have a strong opinion, it can change in a short time.

I’ve been searching for the South Park episode about the new kid who is “political”. I think they even sang a song about it. I can’t seem to find anything on it, but the point was that they didn’t like him. I think if you are too political they won’t like you either. At least don’t be known for a political view that will seem outdated in a few years.

Obama girl isn’t relevant any more. I think that proves the point best.