Recording Artist Advocate: And promote some more…

A band went on a short tour. The newest member made videos. Lots of them. Random videos when they passed into a new state or when one of the band members got sick from bad road food. For a month or so they had a huge online presence. The videos were fun but also sad... basically everything that really happens with a band on the road.

As new people saw them at shows and searched for them online, there was a lot for them to find. 

But then the tour ended so did all the posts. That player had been hired for the tour and joined another band. None of the members kept up the posts. 

If you don't have one person keeping your online presence going, you should at least rotate those responsibilities through band and crew members. One is going to be the perfect fit.

When you are completely sick of it is just about the time fans will start really liking it. 

You've heard that you should dress like the job you want. That ethic applies to your music career too. Present yourself as the successful band you want to be. 

I'm not saying you should put on a fake front, but think about how you want people to remember you and play up the best parts. 

Think about this too; with all the choices someone has, if you want to be one of the bands they like you have to win that slot. 

Know yourself and know your audience. They only have so much attention and time. Show them why they should give you theirs.