Recording Artist Advocate: We are all together Coo coo ca choo...

This is really a follow up on my last post.

The people you want to come to your shows and buy your music have more choices than ever. In fact they have so many choices they're likely to be overwhelmed. And it's not just what band to follow. Every category you can think of has more choices. And those choices define them. 

Imagine a skit where one character says, “I’m a skateboarder, so I like this thing.” Then another character says, “I’m a straight A student, so I like this other thing.” As simple, and confining, as that sounds, it’s pretty much spot on.

The fan you want looks in the mirror and sees something very specific. Their choices reinforce that image. Especially the people they give their attention to.

When you know yourself and own it, people who feel the same way will be comfortable being your fans.

Here is where I think artist get into trouble. Just like the fans, we are full of contradictions with a wide range of emotions. If you are too specific or just focus on one aspect of yourself you will miss your chance at a broader audience. Artist can start out good but whittle away their audience the more they say.

Another mistake is to go the other direction and try to ride the waves of changing public tastes. If you are so very current today, you’ll be out of style tomorrow. So don’t chase something that can’t be caught.

When your fans look at you they see something of themselves. They need you in their swirling, changing world. You’ll grow and mature and they will too right along with you. As long as you stay relevant to them, you’ll never lack for work, shows, and sales.