Recording Artist Advocate: Mix it up…

There was a building at MIT that housed the people they didn’t have room for in the regular campus buildings. It was the place they put you till room opened up in the department you would eventually be working in.

Building 20 was a catch-all for different people from different disciplines.  The modern “Hacker Culture” is attributed to a group housed there. Researchers from different disciplines intermingled and shared information without even meaning to.  

It’s not unusual for people in these very rigid disciplines to cluster together and never interact with people outside their circle. We do the same thing. How many people from outside work or your band, or gigging do you interact with?

The scientists from Building 20 had more innovation and more patents than any other group. It turns out that a mechanical engineer can learn something from a nuclear scientist. Or hackers can learn from the ROTC.  

Apply this in your own life. You may feel your brain shutting down at the thought of reading a blog about business, but you can learn something there that will apply to your career. Advertising principles, especially the psychology behind advertising, will definitely apply to how you present your band to your potential fans.

There is a “Non-Traditional” Business School here in Texas that hosts students from major companies, entrepreneurs, public speakers, churches, writers, non-profits, entertainers, musicians and painters… really anyone who needs to communicate better. I look forward to their “Monday Morning Memo”, and almost every time come away with something that will help my recording studio or the artist I work with.

Google Wizard Academy and sign up for the once-a-week e-mails.

Also go to TuneCore’s site and sign up for their music business specific reminders.

In the time we usually waste online you can learn something that will make you more money!