Recording Artist Advocate: Leaving your mark…

The pyramids let us know something about the people who built them. They were brilliant mathematicians and they were great at building complex large structures. If not for the pyramids, would we even care about those people? It’s the same thing we did when Mount Rushmore was carved out of a mountain in South Dakota. Even though it looks good now, the carving was made so that it will still look good after a thousand or more years of erosion. Both of these monuments are like a message from the past saying, “We were here. We were smart. We were good at doing hard things. We were pretty cool.”

What do you want to say that will outlive you and may even speak to future generations?

Really think about that. It’s not about trends or something that will be out dated in a few years. Are you fair? Are you strong? Do you have a strong belief or faith? Write it down. Look at it in a few days and rewrite it. When you get it right put it on your mirror or write it on the wall where you see it every day. That is the filter everything has to go through. When someone comes along asking you to be something else, you can say, “That doesn’t fit with who I am… or that exactly fits who I am.”  

It’s you, and it’s what will be remembered about you if you consistently do it.

I have my own filters in my personal and professional life. It keeps me focused and usually out of trouble.

But, it doesn’t do you any good if you don’t know yourself, or if you don’t apply your own.

So take the time to do it and then use it. Your life will be better and you will be happier.

With that focus you’ll write better songs too.