Recording Artist Advocate: Your filter...

I want to expand on what I wrote last week when I encouraged you to dig deep and put into words what you are, so that you can make certain you’re on the right track.

I talked to an executive who said he was progressing in his job but hit a wall. He just couldn’t advance into management. One of the higher-ups came to him and said he needed to make some changes.

He was told to think out every action to see if that’s what an executive with their company would do. After work, even though he was on his own time, he would be representing the business. How he dressed and acted then was just as important as while he was at work. From his clothes and car and how he carried himself, it all mattered all the time.

He began to study himself and compare that to the image of a successful professional in his industry. He was back on track within a year. Now he’s the president of the company.

He didn’t just have to jump through some hoops to impress his bosses… who he is now the boss over. He had to “be” a manager in the eyes of everyone he met. Before long putting him in the big office was just a formality.

So, what do you want to be? How does that person act? What do they say? How do they move through a crowd? How do they connect in an interview?

Study the people who have made it and compare that to the image in your mind of the person you want to be. Now go about being that person, weather you’re playing to a few people or a stadium.