Recording Artist Advocate: Your best sound…

A big part of promoting your band is getting your music played on radio, internet stations, and getting it in front of reviewers.

Don’t send them practice tapes. Unless it’s so good they could go on a CD, you’re not giving them your best.

I take that back. Some things that go on CD’s are still pretty bad. So just don’t send in a recording of a band practice... no matter how good you think it sounds.

In front of a crowd you have your sound, your looks, your stage presence… and the audience is there to see a show. You can almost get away with murder in a live show. But recorded music is different. The standards are higher because all you have is the recording.  

A really good band practice recorded well may be alright to play for a bar owner to help you get the gig, but don’t expect them to listen to more than a minute of one song. They just won’t take the time.

I’ll do an article on a “Get the Gig” presentation for Electronic Press Kit (EPK) or just to put up on your website soon.

So, if you have several songs worked up but can’t do a CD right now, choose one or two songs that you feel really good about and produce those. If they turn out to be good enough to get attention, you are in a better position to produce the rest of the CD.

It would be great if every band could pony up the money to produce a full CD and do it right, but sometimes you have to break it down into small parts. The end result can still be a CD that will make you a good return on your investment.

And a CD you are proud to send to radio stations and reviewers.