Recording Artist Advocate: It's not about talent, always...

You play and practice. Put together a tight set list, and try to put on a good show. Heck, a great show. But people who don't play as well, or even write as good make a lot more money.

What is the difference? What sets the high earners apart?

The most successful performers are entertainers. In addition to everything else they truly surprise and entertain and basically work their asses off in front of a crowd.

But they do more.

Surprise is good. I've talked about how your brain loves to be suprised and how you can open your audience up and really get in their heads. Do all that, but you still have to do more.

OK. I won't drag it out anymore. You need to attract an audience. That's the bottom line.

It's bodies through the door or tickets sold or downloads or views. That's it. If you can deliver an audience you will get paid.

So look at yourself. Look at your band. Do you stand out or blend in? Does the crowd root for you or do they even know you from the rest? Find that connection and use it to build an army. That's what it takes.

Reach out to them and thank them for joining. "Send us an e-mail telling us where you saw us play and we'll send you an mp3"or "Send in your pictures showing how great a time you had at our show" Do things that only visitors to your website (and their friends) can know about. Gain their loyalty and don't let them down. Create the club they want to be a part of.

What could you do if just a thousand people really liked your band?
What if it was ten thousand? or 50?

Are you starting to get the picture?