Recording Artist Advocate: Right Left Up Down…

You know that we have a right brain and a left brain. One side is very literal and the other not. It can also be described as above or below the “water line”. Above the surface is the real world, and below is the world of dreams.

Explore the underworld and you can take your listener on a journey. In fact, if you think of going under and coming up for air thorough your composition, it can make for some interesting imagery.

George Martin convinced the Beatles to explore “movements” like a symphony. And you hear that in much of their music with abrupt changes as if two complimentary songs were smashed together.

Try that with your music, but changing from the real world, to the world of dreams… and back.

So much music is the same within a genre; you need to do all you can to stand out.

What could it hurt, and you might find song writing inspiration you didn’t know you had.