Recording Artist Advocate: Opposition, or just plain rudeness…

If it was easy to succeed in the music business, everyone would do it.

But it’s not easy, and I think that’s the point. A kite can’t fly unless it has wind to rise against.

Opposition will also separate the people with fortitude from the people who just roll up and quit. That leaves more opportunity for you. Success can be like a “last man standing” competition.

If you feel yourself wanting to quit when you run face-first into a wall, resist that impulse. If a snide comment puts you in a tailspin, snap out of it. Some people are naturally tough and others have to develop that strength.

You will face opposition. If you’re not, then you are not trying hard enough. If everything comes too easy, how will you handle it the first time things get hard?

Research anyone successful and if they are honest you will find that it took a lot of hard work and overcoming obstacles. And a lot of manning up! (…that goes for women too.)

It can even come from the people who should be supportive. But wherever it comes from, those voices that say you should quit must be ignored.   

Or you can just fold and get out of the way for someone who is willing to work for it.

It’s ultimately up to you. As for me; I want to work with winners. If that’s you, call and book some studio time. Let’s get you the best sounding recording to promote yourself with and sell at your shows.