Recording Artist Advocate: Looking back…

When someone comes to see the studio they always want to hear stuff we’ve recorded. I have several go-to files I can pull up that show how good recording at Rough Wood Studio can sound. It’s always funny when I remember those sessions and how much work went into some, and how easy others went.

The best part for me are the success stories. Some artists just want to have a CD to sell at shows. Other’s just want to have a CD to send out to help them get hired. Then there are the people who won’t quit till they can support themselves entirely from their music.

The funny thing is that people tend to get as far as they see themselves going.

It’s been said that Michael Jordon saw himself making his shots, but regardless of how he did, he kept on trying. He actually missed a lot of shots but he never let that slow him down. When you have a goal in mind and keep working to get there, you are more likely to. In fact, without a goal in mind and the willingness to keep working towards it, you never can get there.

So maybe I’ve just known a lot of motivated artists, or maybe that’s just how things work and I’ve been lucky enough to have those people come through my studio.  Whichever it is, I encourage everyone who comes through here to keep trying to find your voice and your audience. They are linked like Siamese twins.

Know who you are. Know why you need to write and perform. And know who you want to perform for. Then keep doing it. Even when things aren’t going well, you can always do something to get you closer to your goal... even if it’s just writing more songs and getting better at playing your instrument.

In this business you don’t get to quit or even coast. Besides you know which direction you go when you’re coasting.

It is a heavy hammer to swing and not everyone is up to it. If you are, I’d like to meet you and schedule some recording time. Yours could be the next success story.