Recording Artist Advocate: Why you exist…

Who is I and why is I here? (Actually I wrote “Who am I and why am I here?” but my spellcheck kept changing it. I thought it was funny.)

What is most important to you? There are people who have such an overriding desire that drives them, they will continually work to get to that goal. For a Mother Theresa it’s obvious. For you and me it might be harder to pin down.

Whatever it is, you need to find it and make it your mission statement.

When things get tough you will need to lean on it. When success comes and you find yourself getting complacent, you’ll need it even more.

I know of people who wake up early and work late into the night to change the world in some way. I’ve known people who quit their jobs and go to work for a political campaign because they feel so strongly about what the candidate stands for… or what they think the candidate stands for.

In every group there are the leaders, the followers, and the people who just get swept up with whatever the rest are doing. Most artists I’ve met are leaders. It takes guts to stand up in front of a crowd and most people will never allow themselves to even try.

So, you are already among a pretty elite group. Now you have to even rise farther by planting your flag and attracting an audience. Dig deep if you haven’t already and find out “who you is.”

Once you know that, are you willing to work every day to change the world?

When you are ready to record your music, book, or whatever… call me. I like working with people who know who they is and why they is here. That’s why I built Rough Wood Recording Studio.  I want to change things too.