Recording Artist Advocate: Talk to non-musicians.

Definitely talk to musicians, but talk to other people too. Definitely read musician magazines, but read other magazines also.

I was at a show and got to talking to a guy who owns a lot of rental properties. He told me things that make sense in my recording studio business and I told him things about my business that helped him. We talked about a guy with a mobile DJ business that helped us both.

I got a lot out of that 15 or 20 minutes that will make me money immediately. I had to write about it. We decided that you may have to look outside your industry for the innovative thinking that can improve your industry.

It’s fun to hang with fellow musicians, but it can get you in a rut. Seek out successful people in every field and see what you can learn from them to make yourself more successful.

Then you can use some of that money to come record at Rough Wood.