Recording Artist Advocate: Let’s go to jail! Mmmm. Let’s not.

You might be surprised how often a recording project has to be postponed or at least parts have to wait because a band member is in jail. Another player gets his “big break” filling in and the guy may not have a band to come back to. It’s especially true if they are touring or just playing out a lot.

It’s usually for the stupidest things too. And attitude always plays a part.

Chris Rock has a great video about this:

Dave Chappelle has done great bits about how to act when interacting with the police too. I’ll bet a lot of comedians have. The best ones are pretty smart.

It really comes down to common sense. I know a lot of police officers and each one will tell you that people fall all over themselves trying to get arrested. Belligerent, drunk, high, and stupid don’t play well in a cop’s face. Eye contact and a nod is better than any hand gesture.

If you have a band member that is likely to be arrested, keep a lot of subs in your phone. You’ll need em”.