Recording Artist Advocate: An album a year…

Are you a prolific writer? More specifically, are you a prolific writer of good material?

The writers I know who consistently put out good material work at it every day. It’s funny how often someone will be recording and they’ll leave a note book behind. Page after page is filled with songs, stories, song ideas, or interesting thoughts. All these pieces come together as songs for sure… but also as a disciplined writer that turns out a lot of good material.

Pick one thing and do it enough and you’ll eventually get good at it.

So write every day. The goal is to write good songs, but you’ll get to that. Just Write! Stories become fleshed out till the characters become real. It’s easier to write a song when you know the characters. Poems do the same thing with the added benefit of clever rimes and the twists and turns that writing discipline requires.

When you don’t have a pad, use your phone. Take pictures of the quirky things that inspire ideas, and the notepad for longer form ramblings. You can even make voice-notes… if you’ll review them and act on the idea starters.

That’s how you can generate an album worth of good material every year.

Your fans will appreciate the steady flow of new material.

A good song every month or so? You can do that.