Recording Artist Advocate: Yes make a plan, Butt…

Todays ramble was inspired by a statistic I came across. It turns out that people who succeed take great pains to make a plan, but those plans always have to change. Well over 98% of a business plan will have to change in the first year.

Military folks say the mission plan goes out the door with the first shot fired. All the Business planning changes as soon as the doors open. Successful business change with the circumstances that come up. Doggedly clinging to your beloved business plan is a sure way to fail.

Things just don’t go the way you think they will. And that’s OK.

Keep your eyes open to the opportunities that are always presenting themselves. Watch for trends and talk to people. When you talk to people, actually listen to what they say. People like to talk and you can learn a lot.

You can beat your head against a wall trying to play in one area just to find that there is another place that will embrace you. Texas country plays great in some areas, but blues-rock plays better in others. College crowds are different from… well they are their own animal. Get in good with them and you'll own your own bank. 

Merch for women always sells better than regular T’s, but don’t buy too much too soon. The customers will let you know what they like. Even then you’ll notice trends based on venues and such.

You’ve also got to be open to different ways to make money with your music and notoriety. Again, things will present themselves if you’re paying attention. Good ideas come from the strangest places.

Try to run your career like a business. Plan for success. You will use some of that plan, but don’t be surprised when the road to your success twists and turns in directions you never thought about.

Oh, and live off half your money when things start going well. Save or invest the rest and you'll be able to survive in those inevitable down times. 

One thing that hasn’t changed is that the audience is hungry for good material. If you turn out good work on a regular basis they’ll eat it up.

However you plan to deliver it; CD’s, downloads, thumb drives, web content, mind melding…

When you’re ready to record, call me.