Recording Artist Advocate: Pay to Play?

How often are you asked to pay to play at a venue?

Artist would say, "never!" but when you have to supply the audience it's really the same thing. Most bands will use their social media to get an audience to their shows and to some extent that is a good thing. But, if a place doesn't have enough regulars to stay in business, and their looking for you to do all the heavy lifting... find another place to play.

The venue is locked in one place. they have a lot invested and a lot is on the line. On the other hand you can move around freely and play wherever you want. If you have a great show or a bad one you can take it in stride. Don't let anyone make you think you need them more than they need you. Promoters, bookers, and venues can treat artists like commodities. Some let themselves be treated that way.

This applies to asking for a fair price too. I'm not saying you should be walking around with a swelled head, but you do offer a service these businesses need. Treat yourself right and they will too.