Recording Artist Advocate: A Symphony?

When the Beatles were discovered, record labels were still in the business of "developing" artist. That meant they might teach them how to act in an interview or how to dress... or how to make better music.

I'm sure this still happens at the highest levels. But it's more likely you will need to seek these things out for yourself. Fortunately you have a great resource right at your fingertips. If there isn't a YouTube video about some question you want answered, wait a minute and there will be. 

One of the things George Martin taught the Beatles was how to make a good song into a great song. One technique was borrowing from symphonic music and introducing separate parts, or movements, into their songs.  Think about their music and there is a lot of that going on. Some of their music was actually different song parts slammed together. Brilliant!

Try to remove yourself from your own favorite songs and try to hear them like your audience does. If it's getting too long or if you could be loosing their attention; try a big change. You'll come back for the finish, but a symphonic like change in character, or a back and forth in perspective could be just the thing to keep their interest. 

If your doing the same things the other bands in your music genre are doing, you'll just blend in. Shake things up and stand apart.