Recording Artist Advocate: The Scariest Thing...

So for Halloween, lets talk about scary things.

The scariest thing I can think of is not recording bands. Or not being exited about recording bands, or becoming a hack that does the same recording every time. 

I've met those guys. They had some success and now they record a lot of bands and make them all sound the same. Producer Zombies.

Bring me "Baby" is a funny story I heard about a producer who thought he was holding court, telling bands his stories, amazing them with his wisdom... when actually they couldn't wait to get away from him. He said, "Bring me Baby" when he thought it was time for him to play his instrument. (I won't say what that was. It's too funny and might reveal his identity.) But my point is that I never want to be like that guy.  Scary!

You probably know artist who destroy their relationships or damage their careers with stupid, self destructive behavior. That's scary too. 

Pay attention long enough and you'll see artist get drunk and fall off the stage or throw a tantrum or get political, or any number of things that kill their chances to connect with their audience. 

That is what people seek, and what you need to seek too; a connection. When your audience feels that, you are part of them and they will follow you wherever you gently lead them.

The world is scary. You can make it a little less scary. A little more understandable.

They need you.