Recording Artist Advocate: Big and Small labels...

On a blog about recording artist you would think “Labels” refers to recording labels.

Not this time.

Today I’m talking about the labels that go on clothing. Have you noticed some clothing logos getting larger? I’m all for taking an iconic logo and blowing it up so that a specific feature is highlighted. My own Rough Wood Studio logo is a close-up of either the Texas flag or a super close-up of the American flag. But some clothing lines are just making their clothes look silly with 4 or 5 inch versions of their logos in place of the regular ones.

It’s lazy and it cheapens the brand.

This comes into play for recording artist in two places; sponsorships and merch.

Sponsors want you wearing their logo. You should think long term and realize that what’s popular today may not be tomorrow. You also don’t want to be all-in for a brand that becomes unpopular. You are much better off wearing really good looking clothes that happen to have smaller labels. Timeless good looking clothes don’t lock you into a time period. Seriously, who do you see wearing those 80’s rodeo shirts with flames these days?  

Apply this to your merch. Think authentic and timeless. Choose designs that would have looked good in the past and will look good in the future. Tie-in with what you’re known for. Find out what fans are saying about you and reinforce the best ones. Plant your flag, but don’t make it about trendy things that go out of style.

The main point I try to get across to artist is that you want a long term career. That doesn’t mean you have to be bland. But don’t be so current that you’re on your way out. The next big thing will be replaced by the next-next big thing. Be known for more than that and you can have a long career.