Recording Artist Advocate: Small or Large Vision...

Last week I talked about small and large labels on clothing and how that can apply to your career. I want to expand on that and talk about your vision for your career.

I’ve recorded people who choose a specific niche for themselves and people who think bigger.

An extreme example of thinking small is someone who just sings about being a welder or a cowboy without expanding out to the things that more people can relate to.

For me it would just get boring writing about the same thing all the time.

Smarter artist might start out with a specific theme, but there are things we all go through and those make better stories and songs anyway. Find and explore those things.

Life is happening all around you and we’re not all feeling the same thing at the same time. You could meet two people with the same backgrounds. One is having their best day and the person next to them is having their worst. Will your song mean something to both of them?

If it will… If it does; you just did something great.

Keep doing it and you can be very successful.  

Intimate, personal songs are great if you just want to play them for your own enjoyment. Expand out so that more and more people can relate to your music.

Find the balance that works between broad and intimate.

Those are the songs that go down in history.