Recording Artist Advocate: Relationships...

Have you ever heard a song compared to Sex? It’s not so farfetched.    

There is initial attraction and an intensifying leading to a release, and a winding down. (Knowing this you may not listen to some songs the same way again.)

Think of a body of work as the longer term relationship.

You have songs that attract your fans. You have the songs that tell them more about you. Like a relationship you work up to intimacy. When you’ve won them over you can explore deeper themes.

You may even challenge them to think differently… but not at first or too much at once.

You can grow with your fans and become part of their lives if you do it right.

A long term relationship is a good way to think about it:

Be honest about who you are: Real resonates, even with people who are not like you. You can be relatable without losing yourself.

Be realistic about yourself and what you want: It takes work and persistence… and then more work. More gigs mean more exposure and more money, but know your limits.  

Be able to give and take: Give too much of yourself and you’ll play out. (… and seem desperate.) Be too selfish and your fans feel taken advantage of.  

Find the balance in these areas and your relationship… your career can be much more satisfying.