Recording Artist Advocate: What you Love...

Whoever said, “Do what you love and you’ll never work a day” was a liar.

If you find the work you love and want to be successful l at it you’ll have to work just as hard as if you’re doing something you don’t love. The advantage is that you probably won’t mind as much. At least you can have a better attitude about it most of the time.

I can work 8 hours at my job during the day and work another 8 in the studio. I often do. I enjoy the work in the studio, but it’s still work and I still get tired. The hours go faster, but come on! That’s 16 hours.

If it was easy, everyone would do it. Successful people do what others can’t.

It’s supply and demand. If your job can be done by anyone, it won’t pay as much. The more skill or aptitude required; the smaller the pool of talent there is and the more those people make.

I don’t buy the argument that athletes make too much and teachers don’t make enough.

You try to do what they do. They’re so good at it people pay to watch. It’s “butts in the seats” and it adds up to millions. (People and Dollars!) On the other hand, almost anyone can get a teaching certificate.

If you can get those same “butts in seats” you can make money too! Lots of it!

Yes you’re doing what you love, but it’s still work.