Recording Artist Advocate: Sell Something...

When we were young we thought people saw a need and came up with solutions. The best solutions, or the easiest to use, or the best marketed solutions would be successful.

OK, it happens sometimes. But something else happens more often.

Instead of a need bringing about a solution or product, a product is marketed to create a need. 

Seasonal allergies, Social anxiety... I'll bet you can think of several "problems" that people just dealt with in the past. Now there's a pill for that. 

Music is put together this way too. Someone at a label thinks a certain kind of music is getting hot and they search out a band that fills that niche.  Marketers will even choose the members of the band based on the "look" they're going for. They're inundated with music and songs. That parts easy. It's about what they can sell.  

Bands do it too; chasing after the latest thing. How many grew out their beards... wore their little sister's jeans, or copied any fad that came along.I

If you chase trends you'll always be running after something you can't reach.

How bout' this! Be aware of what is trending in and out of style, but not so you can chase after it. Do what you do. Plant your flag and be willing to say, "This is what I am."

Be authentic and attract an audience of people who appreciate that.

Yes you will change some as you get older or just gain more experience. You can bring your fans along for the ride.

You don't have to fake it or reinvent yourself. The only "Selling out" will be your shows and merch!