Recording Artist Advocate: Discouragement and Writer's Block...

Creative people are more likely to live on the highs and lows of their emotions. It’s just part of the package. You experience things and write about them so that others feel it too. Your colors will be a little more vivid; the highs and the lows too.

Someone I know was recently going through a writer’s block. I would send encouraging e-mails or texts as what seemed like good advice would come my way. Later we laughed about how when you are going through a bad situation like that, all advice just grates on you, even though it’s good advice.

He said he had to get out of his head and stop trying to write. He was so focused on “writing” that he wasn’t experiencing life.

 I’ve done the same thing. I’ve been so focused on a problem that even though I’m with my family, I’m not really there. My mind is mulling over a solution and I miss out on living.

How many times have you been falling asleep when the solution to a problem springs into your head? When you finally relax and quit trying to figure it out – there it is!

So, if you are becoming discouraged with your music or are going through a creative rough patch, take a step back. Think about what was appealing about this work. What first attracted you to music? You may just need to get back in touch with those things for a while. The nuts and bolts, the heavy lifting part of the business will be there when you come back.

Get out of your head and quit thinking about “work”. You have stories to tell and people need to hear them.  Take some time to let yourself fall in love again, so to speak.