Recording Artist Advocate: Melody is most important...

You want your song to be remembered? It turns out melody is more important than lyrical cleverness, a unique sound, or studio technique. This makes sense because when someone is remembering and singing your song in their head the melody is all they have.

Recorded music is relatively new in our human experience. If you sang a song with someone and they wanted to share it with others later, all they could do was sing it. Songs could go around the world this way and not change much. So melody was the bedrock of repeatability.

It still is.

Even rap and hip hop have been adding melodious elements into their offerings. It turns out that’s something we crave deep down.

For most of you this isn’t even an issue. Your songs are naturally melodious. But if you want them to be truly memorable, turn that up a notch. And don’t forget to surprise that part of your listener’s brain that looks for patterns. Take your melody into an unexpected place. You will surprise and delight the brocha and you will stand apart from all the other music out there.

Oh, and they’ll remember you when they’ve forgotten everyone else.

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