Recording Artist Advocate: Music and Drugs...

Music has the same effect on your brain as drugs. It’s much more subtle, but just as real.

You can convey emotion or excitement and in turn produce those feelings in the minds of your listeners. It’s more than feelings though. Real brain changes take place.

Now that we can “see into” the brain and know more about what’s going on in there, we can know when someone is feeling dissatisfaction, frustration, and even anger before they are outwardly exhibiting these emotions. Likewise we can see when the brain is satisfied and happy.

You have so much influence on your listeners. More than you may realize.  

We all know people who “self-medicate” with music just like someone would have a drink or use drugs. You don’t think about it, but if you pay attention you will see it all around you.

Music doesn’t just mirror our moods; it can drive our moods!

You get to be the creator, distributor, and dealer.

But a brick of CD’s won’t get you in trouble.