Recording Artist Advocate: Big as a truck...

I heard a little kid describing things in a unique way. He would say, “The table is 4 pizza boxes across.”  Or “that’s at least 5 legos wide.” But the best was, “That song is big as a truck.”

We do the same thing, but less imaginative; usually its football fields or stories tall.

He hadn’t learned the standards we all tend to use, so his choices were wide open.  There were no limits to the comparisons he could make. Houses could be big as clouds and songs as big as vehicles.

Let that inspire your writing. There is no reason to say the same old things. Approach your themes with no limits. You can surprise your listener with things she never heard before.

Don’t be constrained. Ideas can be big. Why not compare them to actual big things.  

Artist should think about and describe things in a unique way.

This posting is short. Short as a post it.