Recording Artist Advocate: Power in a story...

It may have been China or maybe Japan… but there was a book that became very popular. In it one of the characters committed suicide by walking into a thickly wooded area. Apparently city folks don’t make it long in the woods. Anyway, the people who manage that area in real life started finding bodies of young people in those woods. The government reacted by warning people about the book and I think eventually banning it altogether.

They understood the power of an idea. You bet they did. They are used to propaganda; Music and slogans and forced indoctrination is how they’ve been controlled for generations.  

I’ve said many times that music carries with it an amazing power. People who can’t remember their spouse or children can sing a song from their past. It seems to go deeper than other memories and really can influence behavior and opinion.

It turns out your songs can change the world.

Now that you know you have it, what are you going to do with that power?